Participating Artists

We are so excited to welcome the following artists to East Buntyn ArtWalk! We will continually update this page as new artists are added to the event.


Carolyn Pollan

A native of Memphis, Carolyn is a self-taught artist who has been creating art since early childhood in the form of sewing her dolls' dresses. Later, her world travels inspired her to capture beauty through her painting, primarily in watercolors. Carolyn’s newest endeavor is painting personalized greeting cards, then mass printing the cards. Her note cards feature different themes such as Memphis, Food Trucks, Overton Square, Cooper/Young, Broad Avenue, Donut Shops, Beale Street, and Best BBQ Joints. Carolyn will also offer Memphis and Germantown Coloring Books.

brianproud-1 - Brian Proud.jpg

Brian Proud

Brian is an East Buntyn resident and artist whose main focus is portraiture, but enjoys drawing and painting all types of subjects. His background working as a scenic artist for theatre and television has provided him with experience creating many different styles of painting and drawing. In his personal artwork, this translates to an affinity for a range of styles using multiple types of media. At the ArtWalk, Brian will offer drawings and paintings using acrylic, pencil, pen and ink, oils, and watercolor.

funlolacoker3 - Funlola Coker.jpg

Funlola Coker

Funlola says she started making miniatures because of the need to work with her hands, and she enjoys the challenges that come with achieving intricate detail on such a small scale: “Miniatures amaze me. They carry such wonder despite their "size." Using polymer clay, Funlola sculpts miniatures of food and plants. She mounts the miniatures onto surgical steel posts to make jewelry, taking the utmost care to ensure high quality for her customers. She likes to think they are leaving with a little piece of wearable art or a small keepsake, and she works to create memories or preserve special moments in people's lives. She will offer her most coveted items, donut earrings, avocado earrings, and "BFF" avocado necklaces at the ArtWalk.

Emily Austin 2 - Emily Austin.jpg

Emily Austin

By day, Emily Austin is a mom and wife, working in Communications at Church Health. But after the last email is answered and her daughter goes to bed, she dons her cape and turns into Captain Crafty! Emily makes bows, earrings, hairbands, and a variety of other accessories for girls and women. You can find these items for sale at Emily’s ArtWalk booth.

Mary Adcox Bracelet - Ethan A.jpg

Mary Adcox

Mary started The Hammered Pear in 2013 to focus on unique and custom jewelry with edgy and Bohemian designs. Her eclectic pieces utilize metals, glass, leather, industrial materials, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, natural stones, and freshwater
pearls. Largely self-taught, Mary has taken formal classes at the Memphis College of Art and with other established artists to improve her knowledge and technique. She is a member of the Memphis Art Collective. Displayed work will include earrings,
bracelets and necklaces made from metal, leather, glass, pearls, crystals and semi-precious gemstones. Each piece is unique.

Ria van der Aa 11.jpg

Ria van der Aa

Ria enjoyed weaving, spinning, and handcrafts from an early age and balanced her family and work life with her artistic interests for many years. In the last few years, she has been able to concentrate more time on her art. Ria especially enjoys
weaving and loves the challenge of complicated patterns. She sometimes combines recyclables in her designs, including old t-shirts, plastic bags, and various types of re-purposed fabrics. She is member of the Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers and draws inspiration from various creativity circles. Ria will offer hand woven framed pieces, necklaces, rugs, placemats, tea towels, bags, dog collars, yoga straps, coasters, key fobs, and scarves.

Marokel bracelet - Mary OKelly.jpg

Mary O’Kelly

Mary has been designing jewelry for 14 years and enjoys doing fairs and festivals where she gets feedback from her customers. In fact, she feels that her customers inspire her to create new designs and pieces. Mary will offer her wire and metal jewelry for sale at the ArtWalk.

Lingo 1.jpg

Jonathan and Lisa Lingo

About three years ago, Jonathan and Lisa Lingo and Lisa's mother Betty Baer joined together to create Lingotopia (their own little utopia) to sell handmade and handcrafted goods to the Mid-South. Jonathan's woodworking has sold in Italy and
Transylvania (no, vampire stakes were not requested). For over two years, Lisa has created custom kilts and corsets, unmatched in quality through her diligent study of corset techniques from the 1800's and beyond. She also sews aprons and does embroidery of all kinds. Her mom Betty spends her time chatting with her friends and crocheting like crazy. Her big sellers are her Amigurumi dolls. The Lingotopia crew will sell handcrafted wooden items, Lisa's custom kilts and corsets and Betty’s Amigurumi crochet critters.

jeans2 - Jean Garny.jpg

Jean Garny

Jean is a leather crafter with over 25 years of experience. She will offer fine leather crafts, hand sewn and tooled, at this year’s ArtWalk.

Dispaly MSM - Duane Dunaway.jpg

Duane and Pamela Dunaway

Duane is an active duty Memphis firefighter, and his wife Pamela has retired from Shelby County Schools. Together they have been designing and building crafts for many years and have most recently delved into crafting rusted metal signs and wind chimes. You’ll find rust etched metal wind chimes and custom rusted metal signs at their ArtWalk booth.

Amanda Paint it Cool 1 - Amanda Buchanan.jpg

Amanda Buchanan

Amanda is the owner and lead painter of a local face paint/body art company called Pain't it Cool Body Art. She began her business in April 2015 with the mission of giving back to the community through her art. To that end, half of her profits go to local charities and enable her to volunteer at Le Bonheur and St. Jude free of charge. She also supports Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue, a local non profit dog rescue dedicated to helping sick, injured, and unwanted bully breeds. Amanda does henna, face paint, glitter tattoos, and full body paint and says she loves every minute of it! She will offer all natural brown henna tattoos, glitter tattoos, and face paint at the ArtWalk.

photo 7 -

Wanda Brewer

Wanda says she loves to sew and quilt! In 2008 she began her journey as an arts and craft vendor making rag quilts and purses. Her craft grew from there and she now makes pillowcase dresses for toddlers along with coin purses, lanyards, and key chains. Her latest endeavor is a new line of Stadium bags. Wanda will sell rag quilts, rag purses, pillowcase dresses, key chains, lanyards, and coin purses.

Sherry Fernandez3 -

Sherry Fernandez

Sherry is a lawyer by day and a jewelry maker by night (and weekends!). She crafts her jewelry using a wire wrapping technique and hand knotting, incorporating found and vintage objects as much as possible. You will find unique handmade
jewelry at Sherry’s booth this year.

Nikki McGuire acrylic pour coasters - Nikki McGuire.jpg

Nikki McGuire

Nikki is an artist and a writer. She says she recently fell in love with a fluid abstract technique, and she uses art as a means of communication: “I am eager to share my visual story.” Nikki uses an acrylic pouring technique, so every piece is 100% unique and one-of- a-kind. She will offer abstract coasters, paintings, and art prints at her ArtWalk gallery.

Bboyd1 - Brandy Boyd.jpg

Brandy Boyd

Brandy has always been as fascinated by the process as she is the finished work, so she chose art history as her major in college. Her decision introduced her to many styles and influences. As a result, she weaves bits and pieces of the visual as well as the philosophical influences of artists and movements that she feels connected to. A professional metal smith since 1999, Brandy subscribes to the idea that things should be made to last as well and takes great care in the craftsmanship of her work and the quality of her materials. Her goal, both in her art and in her interactions with others, is to make life more beautiful. Brandy will display and sell handcrafted jewelry and small sculptures constructed from silver, bronze, and copper with gemstones, enamel, and vintage crystals. Occasionally she adds a cool found object or wood.

Matthew Read and Jessie James 2 - Matthew Read.jpeg

Matthew Read and Jessie James

Matthew Read expresses his artistic nature in the blend of skill and chaos involved in creating Lichtenberg wood burnings. His work shows the wild and unpredictable nature of high voltage electricity bookended by careful preparation and finishing treatments. A native Memphian, Jessie's love of her city is shown in her eclectic photographs. She uses her vignettes of natural and inanimate objects to showcase the sometimes overlooked and forgotten elements of the city. You’ll find Matthew’s Lichtenberg wood burnings and Jessie’s photography prints for sale at the ArtWalk this year.


Traci Hassett

Traci is a local artist who has called Memphis her home for most of her life. She works in woodturning and wood burning, and also creates bottle chimes. Visit Traci’s booth at this year’s ArtWalk to discover the treasures she has on offer!


Mary May

Many years after taking a summer weaving class at the Memphis College of Art, Mary Anne purchased a second hand loom and became a weaver. That was thirteen years ago! She is a member of the Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers and currently serves as secretary. A graduate of the University of Memphis with a BFA and M.Ed, Mary Anne taught art for Shelby County Schools until her retirement from teaching in 2014. She is also active in Memphis Urban Sketchers, a group that meets regularly to sketch from life at locations around the Memphis area. At this year’s ArtWalk, she will sell hand woven items, both utilitarian and artistic; sketches in ink; watercolor; and mixed media.


Peg Holton

Peg has been working with clay for about five years. She took a weekend pottery class and says that she immediately knew this was her newfound Zen. She turned her spare bedroom into a studio and took a big leap this summer by building a shed and buying a kiln. At first she made only functional pieces such as mugs, vases and plates, until a friend asked for a small figurine of her dog. Peg started on the path to making her "Happiness"  figurines – pets, little people, animals, even a 12-inch bust of Einstein (happily sitting on the lab table in her classroom). “Anything that makes you smile when you look at it,” she says. “I love it whenever I see someone smile or giggle when looking at the Happiness figurines - it means they are fulfilling their intended purpose.” Peg will offer functional pieces, such as hand thrown and painted plates, bowls, and mugs, and her hand built and painted Happiness figurines.

Jessica Crockett 3 - Jessica Crockett.JPG

Jessica Crockett

Jessica is a mixed media artist who attended Memphis College of Art for four years. She combines multiple mediums like charcoal, sewing fabric, India ink, acrylic paints, and other items into one art piece. Jessica says that even cut paper can be art within itself. Her eclectic creations vary in material and style, depending on where her creativity leads her. Her main subjects are cats, international iconic architecture, and Christianity. She occasionally creates abstract paintings as well. Visit Jessica’s ArtWalk booth to discover her eclectic art!

Dragonfly - Susan Ferkin.jpg

Susan Ferkin

Susan has enjoyed creating art from a young age. After taking workshops on mosaics and pottery as an adult, she started seriously working on her craft. She is a member of the Memphis Arts Collective and is a regular vendor at several local arts festivals. She was also invited to display one of her glass mosaics at the Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar in December 2017. When she is not busy creating art, you can find her working as the librarian at Richland Elementary School. Look for Susan’s mosaic mirrors, trays, birdhouses, wall hangings, and utilitarian and decorative pottery at her ArtWalk gallery.

Hallie Charney 2.jpg

Hallie Charney

Hallie is a multi-media artist, photographer, and printmaker who creates images in encaustic wax medium, handmade knitted/felted purses from fiber, and also makes one-of-a-kind jewelry. Her jewelry is individually created with her own unique design. At the ArtWalk, Hallie will have handmade necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made from hammered wire, chain, beads, gems, and found items.


Erin Randolph

A local optician for 17 years, Erin loves to craft and create when her day’s work is done. She says she mostly wants to see things thrown by the wayside have a new life in useful objects. At the ArtWalk Erin will offer her handcrafted upcycled products, including cassette tape wallets, t-shirt bags and purses, gift card earrings, comic dice boxes, scrap fabric critters, and resin set toy necklaces.

seetoscandles - Teri Bordages.jpg

Teri Bordages

Teri is a chandler and a soapmaker. A few years ago she switched to making scented dye free soy candles because they are a more natural product. Seven years ago, she decided to turn her hobby into a business, and sells her products by the name Seetos Naturals. “Seeto” was Teri’s childhood nickname. She says she is extremely proud of her products and loves to share them with the public: “I love what I do!” Handmade olive oil soaps with assorted scents, soy container candles with assorted scents, lavender sachets, and loofah soaps will be available at Teri’s booth.

Rebecca Shellabarger 3.jpg

Rebecca Shellaburger

Rebecca is a Memphis-born artist that specializes in encaustic painting. She earned her BFA from the University of Memphis. Visit Rebecca’s booth at this year’s ArtWalk to discover the treasures she has on offer!

_Emily Mackey.jpg

Emily Mackey

Emily is an artist with a BA from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She is a newcomer to the Memphis area and is excited about exploring the art scene here and sharing my work. Emily uses many different medias matted ready to frame ink drawings, acrylic paintings on both canvas and shale, and colored pencil pieces.

Christian Pritchard ( C Us Bead) Frame Earrings  - Christian Pritchard.png

C Us Bead (Artists: Christian Prichard, Corinne Hight, and Connie Ligon)

C Us Bead is a collaborative of jewelry artisans who create wearable art. The collaborative provides a unique offering of personally designed pieces fashioned from metals, leather, wire and gemstones utilizing both traditional and non-traditional techniques. In addition to the jewelry medium, the artists also explore fabric arts, photography and acrylic and oil painting. C Us Bead will offer a variety of handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that are created through wire-wrapping and knotting techniques of various semi-precious gemstones. Earrings and necklaces are adorned with one-of- a-kind copper pendants that have been fired to bring out a hue of hidden colors and unique hand formed and hammered frames outlining precious stones. Rings are crafted on the spot to the delight of all festival and fair attendees. Hand designed greeting cards featuring photography taken by the artist and paintings depicting the beauty of nature will be displayed. Finally, they will offer an array of tie dyed apparel for all sizes.

Carter Beard Jars - Carter Beard.jpg

Carter Beard

Carter is a preservationist, caterer, and purveyor of high-end specialty foods. He works in a commercial kitchen in Cooper-Young, and sells at a number of local shops as well as at selected festivals and fairs throughout the year. Carter will offer his delicious canned goods for sale at the ArtWalk.

shannon ortberg (5) - Shannon Ortberg.jpg

Shannon Ortberg

Shannon describes herself as a distracted artist that sometimes paints on faces, too! She illustrates, face paints, and writes. Stop by her booth to check out her traditional paintings and drawings.

Orange Peels - Luz Merissa Vargas.jpg

Luz Vargas

Luz is an artisan jeweler from the beautiful country of Peru. Her passion for nature and art inspired her to start a small business, “Sumaq Sairi.” She makes and sells handcrafted eco-friendly jewelry sourced from natural materials including orange and lime peels. You will find Luz’s amazing earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and ornaments at her ArtWalk booth.

Lindy Tate Art Display - Lindy Tate.JPG

Lindy Tate

Lindy is a self-taught local artist who works with various textures such as canvas, barn wood, and driftwood. She loves to paint animals, especially in nontraditional poses. Her husband is her woodworker, and she says they love bringing beauty to all
things imperfect. Lindy will display work consisting primarily of reclaimed wood paintings and some canvas art at the ArtWalk. She will also have hand-lettered pieces done on wood and chalkboard, and original art printed on mugs, bottle openers, and cutting boards.


Magaly Paz

A native of Peru, Magaly currently makes her home in Cordova. She likes to show and sell her art so people can learn more about her country, and get unique handmade souvenirs from Peru. Visit Magaly’s ArtWalk booth to discover her jewelry, scarves, purses, wallets, dolls, key chains, llamas, and much more from the beautiful country of Peru.

_Tonya pearce.JPG

Tonya Pearce

Tonya is a Memphis native and self-taught artist who enjoys painting and making crafts. She paints using acrylic on canvas and she crafts dream catchers. Stop by her booth at the ArtWalk to discover her treasures!

Debra LEwis Booth2 - Rob Cosgrove.jpg

Debra Lewis

Founded in 2010, Cosgrove and Lewis offers handmade, beautiful artisan luxury soaps and bath products. It's "Art You Can Bathe With!" You will find these unique artisan soaps and bath products at the C&L ArtWalk gallery.

Lakeisha Williams.PNG

Lakeisha Williams

Lakeisha is a self-taught artist currently residing in South Memphis. “I've always been a creative soul ever since I was young. Many forms of creative expression fuel my spirit, everything from singing to painting,” she says. Lakeisha loves trying new ways of displaying her imagination for the world to see, and is looking forward to growing as an artist. Her artwork is mostly black and white painted and drawn abstract images, with some color to bring out the imagery. Discover Lakeisha’s creations at her ArtWalk booth.

Kelly Lindsey 1 - Kelly Lindsey.jpeg

Kelly Lindsey

Kelly is an artist and an art educator who has been teaching art for 16 years in public schools. She is also a mother, a gardener, and loves to cook. Kelly creates lamps and lighting as illuminated sculptures. Her lampshades are made from painted paper coated with resin to create durability and to give the shades a transparency. Her colors range from bright and fun, to neutrals – and she can create custom colors. Kelly casts her own lamp bases in concrete from various molds. She also crafts sconces, pendants, and custom lights for unique spaces. Her fun and functional nightlights are made from embedding various items in resin, such as simple painted paper scraps, small figurines, buttons, and shells.

nikkila_babycreep3 - nikkila carroll.JPG

Nikkila Carroll

Nikkila earned her BFA from the Memphis College of Art in 2011. She has since created a line of ceramic sculptures, jewelry, and functional ceramics called babycreep. Her creations include cute and creepy handmade functional ceramics using various clay bodies. At Nikkila’s gallery, you will find mugs, planters, and jewelry featuring faces, mermaids, coral, or cats.


Sonya Williams

Sonya has been designing handmade jewelry and handbags for four years. She says that quality workmanship is her top priority! Visit Sonya’s booth to see her display of lovely handbags, gemstone and metal jewelry, and beadwork.

walterheidi18 - Heidi Walter.jpg

Heidi Walter

Heidi is a mixed media artist with a passion for our city and its people! Her main objective is to create interesting works of art that create an inner conversation or emotion. She loves to up-cycle forgotten or discarded items into her pieces. Her artwork will include wood, paper, acrylic, resin peace signs, Memphis bridge, and earrings.


057 - Lisa Ritenour.JPG

Lisa Ritenour

A self-taught artist, Lisa has been designing and making her own jewelry for almost 10 years. She loves creating and making things with her hands. Lisa primarily uses very fine gauge wire woven in the Japanese braiding tradition of Kumihimo, fabricating the braids into woven bracelets and pendants and cast in resin and fine silver for earrings and pendants. You will find her stunning jewelry pieces at her ArtWalk booth.


Ginger Pemberton

Ginger specializes in handmade baby blankets, clothing, and specialty baked goods. Stop by her gallery at the ArtWalk to discover her beautiful work and tasty treats!

Stacey McNiell - Insectsy Morpho Earrings - stacey mcniell.JPG

Stacey McNiell

A lifelong Memphian, Stacey loves to bring the outdoor indoors. She creates handmade wall decor and jewelry featuring exotic butterflies and insects, which have been preserved upon their natural passing from tropical farms and sanctuaries. She rehydrates, spreads, pins, and dries the specimens so they can be preserved to last a lifetime. Stacey says that she's a pretty lucky gal with a super rad husband, two awesome kitties, and a seventeen-year-old dog that pretty much runs the show! Stacey will show her butterfly and insect shadow boxes, butterfly jewelry, and some newer handmade jewelry designs featuring stone, clay, and other earthy themes.