Participating Artists

We are so excited to welcome these artists to the 2019 East Buntyn ArtWalk!

Adcox Hammered Pear #3 - Ethan A.jpeg

Mary Adcox

Created in 2013, The Hammered Pear is owned by local artist Mary Adcox. Her wide variety of eclectic jewelry includes edgy Bohemian designs that incorporate metals, glass, leather, industrial materials, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, natural stones, and freshwater pearls. A member of the Memphis Arts Collective, Mary has sold at the Brooks Museum Holiday Artist Market, the V & E Artwalk, the East Buntyn Artwalk , and the Cooper Young Festival. Largely self-taught, she has taken formal classes at the Memphis College of Art and with other established artists to improve her knowledge and technique. Displayed work will include earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from metal, leather, glass, pearls, crystals, and semi-precious gemstones. Each piece is unique.

Molly Clark Skull Brooches - Molly Clark.jpg

Molly Condo Clark

Molly creates mixed media jewelry and art ranging from whimsical to dark. She will display and sell her unique and creative mixed media art, assemblage boxes, handmade jewelry, and greeting cards.

Jessica Newman - Jessica Newman.jpg

Jessica Newman

An artist from Tulsa, OK, Jessica moved to Memphis in March. “I have always been involved with volunteering and showing art locally and now I'd like to see what Memphis has to offer,” she says. Jessica is in school for Psychology with a Humanities minor and hopes to work in Art Therapy with young children soon. Her offerings will include acrylic paintings, mixed media/colored pencil drawings, t-shirts, and prints.


Andria Shoe

Tennessee Sounds Good is a group of artists with an eclectic array of media. From t-shirts to candles to iron work and paintings, they expand their desire for art in all directions. Andria will display and sell t-shirts, hoodies, bracelets, candles, ironwork, paintings, prints, lotion and bead balm.


A handmade touch

A Handmade Touch is a collaboration of local artists making unique gifts, home decor, and charming accessories for your life! Stop by their ArtWalk booth to discover their lovely display.


Janelle Meliton

Janelle is a native Memphian, the mother of two grown children, and an entrepreneur with a flourishing pet sitting business called "At Home Sweet Home." A holistic cancer survivor, she plans to start a Health/Cancer coaching business and has a passion for making all organic body butter and all natural products with non-carcinogenic ingredients. “I also love photography for the creativity and escape it brings into my life,” she says. Her display will include all natural organic body butter, face serums, and fragrances with organic essential oils. Her body butter comes in jars that Janelle decorates with a natural bohemian look. Her photography includes Memphis scenes, and the frames are decorated with items found in nature. Janelle and an artist friend will also offer bohemian-style, handcrafted jewelry.


DeShawna Banks

A brand-new mom, DeShawna moved to Memphis about three years ago from Los Angeles. “I’ve been drawing and painting since the age of seven,” she says. “I hope one day my son shares the same passion I do for art!” DeShawna specializes in portrait art on wood and sketch paper. She hand cuts and paints the wood and finishes it with a high gloss resin.

DaleMartin03 - dale martin.jpg

Dale Martin

A writer, artist, publisher, Dale is best known for his Watusi the Talking Dog comics (both in print and online). He's been handcrafting comics featuring his original creations for over 30 years! In addition to his self-published work, Dale has had comics published in anthologies across the country, including in Memphis' own 901 Comics Anthology. Look for his clever and creative drawings, acrylic paintings, prints, notecards, and original comics at his ArtWalk gallery.


Carol McCrudden

Carol is a potter and artist living near the University of Memphis. She works with porcelain and stoneware clay, making functional and sculptural pieces. She also paints with oils and watercolors. She moved to Memphis a few years ago, and is a returning artist to the ArtWalk. Carol will offer functional pottery and mixed media collages.


Brenda Cowans

A life-long Memphian, Brenda is retired from the University of Memphis. She has owned a sewing machine since she was 10 years old, and most of her pieces are made from fabric to this day. She began selling her art seriously in 2008, when her son left for college. Her empty nest is our gain! Visit Brenda’s ArtWalk gallery to browse through her delightful creations.


Brian Maness

Brian Maness and Midtown Glassworks have been doing traditional and fused stained glass for over 25 years. Brian has been teaching at local area events and churches as well as the Arts, Recreation, and Worship workshop in North Carolina for over twenty years. While this is now a hobby for him, he has created art as a full time business in the past. Brian loves to make jewelry of all kinds, candle holders, bowls, bookshelf pieces, full size windows, and anything else that comes to mind. When he is not working on glass, Brian is an Outreach Director at Colonial Park United Methodist Church and has a three month old daughter (Vivian) and wife (Elizabeth), all of which keep him focused on what is important in life.


Jessica Humphreys

JH Artwear & Designs specializes in unique original artwork, handcrafted artisan jewelry and high quality textiles featuring our designs. Our mission is to spread positivity, grow kindness and uplift the human spirit through our heartfelt designs. Our small business was homegrown in Corinth, MS in 2010 after Jessica graduated with a degree in Studio Art. JH Artwear began in a small spare room and even today still has its roots as a home based business in a small studio in Jessica's home. Her original designs can be found nationwide in her favorite retail stores and boutiques, and printed on high quality textiles through Southern Traveler. Bright yummy colors, whimsical florals, woodland creatures, rich textures, and folksy botanicals are all recurring features in her pieces. Since 2010, JH Artwear has traveled all over the South popping up shop at artisan fairs, fine art markets, and vintage shows. When not traveling, Jessica can be found being momma to her son, Fox Murray, or in her Mississippi studio creating new free spirited and uplifting designs, listening to Fleetwood Mac or Tom Petty or her favorite 80's movies in the background.


Agnes Stark

Renowned local potter Agnes Stark is a Memphis Art Academy graduate. She specializes in studio pottery made of high-fired stoneware. Agnes will offer everyday pieces, dinnerware, vases, planters, beads, ornaments, and table centerpieces – truly something for everyone! Her pieces are lead-free, glazed, and safe for the dishwasher and microwave. Do not miss out on her ArtWalk booth!

BrittanyJones2 - Brittany Jones.JPG

Brittany Jones

“Simone and Elle” by Brittany Jones is a clothing label created out of the desire to reuse vintage fabric, allowing the past to be reimagined rather than discarded or lost. The clothing showcases Brittany’s love of the past, nostalgia, making something old new again, and allows the wearer to be another chapter in part of the story. Sourced locally and created in Memphis, each collection is typically sold in small runs. Brittany earned her Fashion Design degree in Nashville and her Fashion Merchandising degree at the University of Memphis.  Although always inspired by everything vintage, Brittany also creates new items utilizing hand cut stamps and natural dye methods. Her booth will feature women’s clothing including shirts, jackets, dresses, and accessories; and home furnishings such as pillows, curtains, wall hangings, and floor pillows.

JHyattSkeleton fish  - Jen H.JPG

Jennifer Hyatt

Jennifer has worked in 2-D and 3-D iron art since 1993. Most of her art is made from recycled items. The source of the iron ranges from industrial scrap, to bike parts salvaged from a community bicycle shop, to gifts her friends leave on her doorstep, and finally to found items, aka "curb score." On that last point, Jennifer says she thanks you for NOT being behind her when she sees metal on the side of the road! She recently began adding small bits of other recycled media like glass and aluminum cans. Be sure to stop by her booth to discover her amazing talent!


Erika Creekmore

Everything Earthly - The Willow Stone offers a wide variety of natural products for mind, body, and spirit. Erika will display and sell medicine bags, purses, wallets, dream catchers, natural incense and smudge fans, handcrafted wooden bowls, and botanical body care including soaps, lotions, and toiletries. You will also find freshly dried herbs, jams and sauces from homegrown fruits and veggies.


Tawny Skye

Memphis based ceramicist Tawny Skye is a sculptor and feminist conceptual artist. Her ceramic techniques are unique to her forms, using a throwing and altering method that takes the idea of the symmetrical, wheel-thrown vessels and modifies them by tearing, creasing, combining, and pushing out new forms. Discover her femme shaped and inclusive handmade pottery that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and pots at her ArtWalk booth.


Lenny Rodriquez

An architect from Peru, Lenny earned her degree from Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco (National University of Saint Anthony the Abbot in Cusco). As a student, she studied art at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes. The Rodriquez family moved to Memphis for medical treatment for their son, Victor. Crafting, at one time a hobby, became Lenny’s full time occupation. She loves to make beautiful jewelry using semi-precious stones and wire wrap, create textile hats, paint miniatures in watercolor with Andean inspiration, and knit colorful finger puppets. You will find these amazing works of art at Lenny’s ArtWalk gallery.


Nine-Oh-Wonderful / Hannah and Lydia Fuson

This Memphis born and raised sister-sister mashup likes to call themselves Nine-oh-Wonderful: "Sisters with a Side Hustle.” Hannah is currently attending Law School at the University of Memphis. She has been making jewelry since she was in 9th grade, and has sold her work at the ArtWalk in years prior under her former brand “Artisan Expressions.” She also sells her jewelry at Bingham & Broad and at Vollintine Evergreen Art Walk. A resident of East Buntyn, Lydia is a high school science teacher, soccer coach, and softball coach at Kingsbury High School. She loves to draw, color, and come up with puns to make her students and her friends smile. Stop by the Nine-Oh-Wonderful booth to shop the Fuson sisters’ earrings, bracelets, and necklaces made from repurposed vintage jewelry, and framed original art prints on premium high gloss photo paper with funny sayings.

Janz_MooseMug - Brian Janz.JPG

Brian Janz

A university professor by day, potter by night, Brian enjoys researching and teaching concepts to help people and organizations become more creative and innovative in how they design and deliver their products and services. “Pottery is a passion and artistic outlet where I not only lose myself, but also test out the creative and design concepts I study and teach,” he says. Brian will offer his amazing functional pottery including mugs and bowls at the ArtWalk.


Deanna Hamsley

Deanna is a mixed media artist employing an experimental approach. Since she is self-taught with little awareness or concern for the "rules," she says she finds herself with a natural tendency to break them. She prefers to record positive emotions and let the experience of creating guide her as she chooses to paint without a  sketch and often has no clear vision of how the finished piece will present itself. “I spend most of my time in the studio creating things that feel like the familiar world around us but are ambiguous, general, and abstract,” she says. “I love working with acrylic, ink, charcoal and pastels. Using different mediums allows for me  to have more flexibility with concepts and design.” Discover Deanna’s canvas and wood art and mixed media creations at this year’s ArtWalk.


Cameron Holland

Cameron is a Memphis artist who focuses primarily on portraits of pop culture icons on the 80s, 90s, and 00s. “I like to create my art on a number of surfaces. I use canvas, wood, particle board, luggage tags, stickers, and much more. My favorite surface to create my art is on library cards,” he says. Look for his creative and clever acrylic paintings on canvas, portraits on library cards, prints, stickers, buttons, and coasters at his ArtWalk booth. All library cards and painting are original works of art.


Heath Augustine

Heath started creating wood burns as a hobby. People loved them and started requesting his creations. “Next thing I know, I've done and sold over 200 within three months!” he says. “Wood Burning is relaxing, and is a true lost art.” Heath will display and sell his hand drawn images burnt onto pieces of wood, each one signed, dated, numbered, stained, and ready to hang on the wall.

Heidi Walter3 - Heidi Walter.JPG

Heidi Walter

Heidi is a mixed media and conceptual artist on a mission to create a ripple effect of good in our community and ultimately in the world! Her artwork will feature Future So Bright, a collection of funky, collage portraits of people in sunglasses available in original works, prints and cards. Her Funky Paper People are fine art sculptures created from recycled items. Each sculpture comes with a Certified Adoption Certificate that tells its inspirational story. She will also offer wooden art, including small ornaments and signs, a variety of vinyl decals and magnets with a peace or love design, and Fairy Godmothers (little wooden mixed media fairies to serve as personal fairy godmothers who bestow blessings and wisdom).

Debbie Lovett Painted Turtle Pottery1 - Debb Lovett.JPG

Debbie Lovett

A self-taught potter, Debbie has been creating one-of-a-kind functional and decorative hand-built and thrown pottery for since 2001. Her pieces are very textural in nature and are created using leaves and plants, fabrics, buttons, doilies and other found items. Stop by her gallery to discover her unique clay creations!


Maritucker Hanemann

Maritucker holds both a BFA and an MFA in painting. She says she has been painting all her life, and will hopefully never stop. Recognized both through her art and her published work, Maritucker has taught art in several universities, homeschool associations, and privately through her studio. She has co-parented six children and maintains a studio in midtown Memphis. Visit her ArtWalk gallery to check out her amazing paintings in oil, acrylic or encaustic. Subjects include fish, flowers, and birds.

Angi Cooper cards - artgrrlcooper.jpg

Angi Cooper

After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Memphis State University, Angi became a practicing mixed media artist. She has worked in various media including jewelry, collage, painting and mural work, photography, and fiber. In addition to her personal art-making, she is also a teaching artist and works with several regional art councils and arts organizations to teach art focus and arts integration lessons to area schoolchildren. Her work is part of many private and public collections across the United States. She will include her printed and photographic art cards, beaded and collage jewelry, and 2-D and 3-D mixed media collages at the ArtWalk.


Sandi Shawa

A lifelong Memphian, Sandi works primarily with acrylics and mixed media. Her art is available at B. Collective on South Main, and she creates commissioned paintings for her clients. Sandi is also an interior decorator. She loves photography and writing in her spare time. Sandi’s ArtWalk gallery will feature her abstracts and animals with a contemporary vibe.


Lisa Mosier

Lisa has been painting with acrylics on canvas and wood for 15 years. A talented jewelry artist, she uses beads to create her charming pieces, mainly earrings. She currently has a booth at Midsouth Marketplace in Millington where she sells her art and holds paint parties, and we are happy to welcome her to the ArtWalk.

RachelleCooper2 - Rachelle Cooper (1).jpg

Rachelle Cooper

Cooper says she is a vegetarian fueled by a passion for design and a grit only found in the sweet, southern streets of Memphis, TN. She’s a serious lover of lines, simplicity in nature and the pursuit of balance through creating. She will display and sell her wonderful prints on paper and metal with Memphis and outdoors related designs.

AdrieneLogan (1).jpg

Adriene Logan

Happily married and the proud owner of cats, a dog, and chickens, Adriene creates useful and attractive artistic items from things that would be thrown away. “I love to knot and crotchet,” she says. “I use feathers from my chickens, make tote bags from their feed bags and I save the small eggs. I decorate bottles that I save from work.” Adriene loves to try many different ideas to create her earrings, dream catchers, découpage, and wands from broom handles.