Food Trucks

We were so excited to welcome these delicious eats to the 2018 East Buntyn ArtWalk. Stay tuned for the 2019 food trucks coming soon!

Awesome Dogs.jpg


Awesome Dogs was started on April 1, 2013 by Robert and Joyce Payne. Robert was looking for something to do when he retired. serving hot dogs is their passion. They use only the finest and freshest ingredients and sell only Nathan and Hebrew National brand 100% all beef hot dogs. Their mission is to delight every customer. 

Crepe Maker.jpg


The original CrêpeMaker® was established in 1992, an idea inspired by French crêpes sold from Parisian street carts. Instead of those simple crêpes filled with sugar, CrêpeMaker® owners Christopher Hoffman and Maria Suñe imagined a non-traditional crêpe filled with fresh, healthy food combinations, made right in front of customers, that would satisfy the heartiest of appetites and the sweetest tooth.

Lickety Split.png


Lickety Split is your answer to every ice cream craving. Originally started by Joe Patty II, Lick Split Ice Cream has always been a business that is community and family-focused. It is now run by John & Rennie Williams, who love serving families and their community. 



With MemPops, enjoy delicious, hand-crafted popsicles that are as unique and genuine as the city for which they are named. Enjoy a cream pop such as Banana Nutella, Caramel Apple, or Toated Marshmallow; or dive into a Fruit Pop like Apple Cranberry, Grapefruit, or Mint Lemonade. Flavors vary based on local and seasonal availability.

Say Cheese.jpg


Say Cheese is all about gourmet grilled cheese on the go. As a full-time paramedic at a local hospital working nights and weekends, Terry noticed that the stressed and exhausted caregivers had few dining options after hospital cafeterias closed.  He saw a need for good, convenient, affordable food for those not wanting to leave the facility, and the idea for Say Cheese! was born.

Stick Em Pic.jpg

Stick em

Food truck that servers delicious food on a stick.