East Buntyn Art Walk

As children we are encouraged to nurture our creative side. Enthusiastic parents fill social media feeds with photos of their young ones performing in plays, singing at talent shows, and- as Junior Chefs- baking sweet works of art. But that enthusiasm appears to wane when, as young adults, we express a desire to pursue the artist’s life. We are asked about our “Plan B,” told to focus on getting a “real job,” and reminded that “having a hobby is different from having a career.” So, we seek out pockets of people in the places where we reside whose enthusiasm is still full of vigor, whose support of the artist’s life gives us encouragement to continue on, and who remind us through their actions that creativity and art are still much-needed pillars of our communities. East Buntyn is one of those pockets and its residents are as enthusiastic as ever about Memphis-area artists.

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